Mobile Sovereign is a platform to honor military history and the US Veterans who served our nation.

This website is the result of me wanting to speak about my experiences with the charity Special Operations Wounded Warriors.  I’ve met, and continue to meet some great people so I created Mobile Sovereign to share my stories and give an objective, third party opinion about Veteran’s charities I come across . Some of the Veterans I’ve met have businesses and I will post their information on this sight.  I plan to travel to different battlefields and will post those trips on Mobile Sovereign.  I plan to speak to different civic organizations in my area to bring attention to SOWW and this website will help me provide information to them and book speaking engagements.

I’m a veteran of the US Army. My MOS was 67Y and I worked with Cobra, Huey and Blackhawk helicopters for 6 years.  After joining a hunt club, I got connected with a Veterans organization and their efforts to provide outdoor experiences to wounded combat veterans. I’ve run through the woods on hog hunts with Army Rangers, Special Forces, Navy SEALs and have quite a few stories to share (and some I won’t).  I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so there will be events posted on this sight since quite a few active duty/retired veterans are BJJ practitioners.  I want to bring more attention to the people I meet so you can get to know and support them.