Co-founded by Veterans, local Myrtle Beach charity Special Operations Wounded Warriors supports Veterans through a variety of activities.

All board members are volunteers and none of them take a salary.

Please note that they are not affiliated with Wounded Warrior Project.  Information below is taken from the website…

SOWW, Special Operations Wounded Warriors, A 501(c)(3) Charity, was formed for the sole purpose of recognizing both active duty and veteran members of our United States Special Operations Forces with charitable outdoor events, family retreats, and focused therapeutic treatments. SOWW recognizes that as the war on terrorism continues, Special Operations Forces will be facing new challenges all too frequently. In fact, we feel there has never been a greater need for Special Operations Forces than right now. Special Operations will continue to be the force of choice, time and time again, as America attempts to protect the homeland, and pursues those that wish to harm her throughout the globe.Special Operations Forces are comprised of nearly 70,000 Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps personnel, including Army Special Forces and Rangers, Navy Small Boat Units and Navy SEALs, Air Force Combat Controllers, and Marine Corps special operations personnel. These specialized teams are being asked to do more, and are working under a broader range of conditions than have ever been asked of them before. These missions are conducted quickly and require frequent and unpredictable deployment schedules, personal hardships, and increase risk of casualties during both operations and training.

As the result of their purpose, and as the result of the fact that these individuals’ missions are often hidden by dark of night, and become untold efforts to protect our country, the need to recognize these individuals will be increasing as well. Especially for those that have suffered pains, injuries, loss of limbs, and other hardships. These Special Operations Forces seldom receive the recognition they deserve, due to the secretive nature of their contributions to our Country.

It is the mission of SOWW, its members, and its volunteers to provide unique outdoor experiences to the deserving men and women of our U.S. Special Operations Forces that have sustained wounds in battle and or in significant service to our Country. Our distinct purpose is to recognize their sacrifices, aid in their rehabilitation by mending the strains of their many sacrifices, and to provide strength and comfort, all with our sincerest expressions of gratitude.